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Panoramic Photo A panoramic photo can be a tremendously powerful image that can express how grand a subject is. At times it can be frustrating to create the image you want with the subject where you want it in the frame when your lens is not wide enough or you do not have enough room to back

Lens Compression – Tutorial

Image of Lens compression 3
LENS COMPRESSION If you have been exploring photography for any length of time then there is a good chance you have come across the term “Lens Compression”. What exactly does it mean? Does it affect my lens? Is it bad for my photos? Does it offer any creative twists to my photography? If you have had any of these

NXS on Green – Tutorial

Image of NXS on Green Final for behind the scenes
How I shot it: NXS on Green For this post I would like to share some steps on how I got this “NXS on Green” photograph. It wasn’t very difficult and in fact it was one of my easier shoots to date. I start a shoot by thinking about what color I would like to use

What is a Flash Gel – Tutorial

Image of ColorExampleOriginal
What is a Flash Gel Q. So what exactly is a flash gel? A.  A flash gel is anything that you put over your light source to change the color of your light from its native color to something else.      Q. Why would I want to use it? A. A flash gel will add color to

Wente In Red – Tutorial

Image of Wente in Red
This shoot was inspired by a guy that I follow on Instagram: Richard Miyake. His compositions are some of the best I have seen on Instagram when it comes to wine. A photo posted by @richardmiyake As soon as I saw this photo I knew that I wanted to attempt it. It was composed perfectly. The

Whats this site all about?

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Hi You. Yup you. I appreciate you coming into my site and just wanted to give you a synopsis of what this site is all about. And to help you learn how it will benefit you so take a few minutes to check this post out. We focus on 3 major aspects here at Backflip Photo