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Tips and tricks on using color gels and other flash techniques

NXS on Green – Tutorial

Image of NXS on Green Final for behind the scenes
How I shot it: NXS on Green For this post I would like to share some steps on how I got this “NXS on Green” photograph. It wasn’t very difficult and in fact it was one of my easier shoots to date. I start a shoot by thinking about what color I would like to use

What is a Flash Gel – Tutorial

Image of ColorExampleOriginal
What is a Flash Gel Q. So what exactly is a flash gel? A.  A flash gel is anything that you put over your light source to change the color of your light from its native color to something else.      Q. Why would I want to use it? A. A flash gel will add color to

Wente In Red – Tutorial

Image of Wente in Red
This shoot was inspired by a guy that I follow on Instagram: Richard Miyake. His compositions are some of the best I have seen on Instagram when it comes to wine. A photo posted by @richardmiyake As soon as I saw this photo I knew that I wanted to attempt it. It was composed perfectly. The

Whats this site all about?

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Hi You. Yup you. I appreciate you coming into my site and just wanted to give you a synopsis of what this site is all about. And to help you learn how it will benefit you so take a few minutes to check this post out. We focus on 3 major aspects here at Backflip Photo