Whats this site all about?

Hi You. Yup you. I appreciate you coming into my site and just wanted to give you a synopsis of what this site is all about. And to help you learn how it will benefit you so take a few minutes to check this post out.

We focus on 3 major aspects here at Backflip Photo and they are…

  1. Tutorials – We want to share our knowledge with you and we have a few different ways for you to be able to absorb this material. The majority of these will be either on Photography or Travel tutorials.
    1. Videos – We have put together some tutorial videos that will mainly focus on travel and photography and we will sprinkle in other types such as funny things or tips as well.
    2. The written word – These are tutorials that we have written that we hope will help guide you through and idea or procedure. Take waterfall photography for instance, we will post a picture and show you what we did to get to the final steps.
  2. Reviews – We review gear in both the travel and photography industries. These reviews come in the form of videos such as in an uboxing or introduction video or written posts about our experience with the product, location, service whatever our interaction is with that particular product.
  3. Camera Accessories  – This was the whole reason Backflip Photo got started. We had a photo shoot that required colored gels but all the options for us were not big enough for out Canon 600EX-RT flash adapter and would not give us enough coverage. Everything we found either came with with a list of other flash models it would fit or an adapter that was required. This was confusing and frustrating. The 600EX-RT comes with a flash adapter and no one had thought about making gels just fit the adapter. So we did. And now we love being able to offer specific gels made precisely for your flash and we list them that way. No more confusion