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Image of Best of Texas Pecan Lodge

Best of Texas – Travel

THE BEST OF TEXAS (food edition)   The Best of Texas awards are from my personal account of sampling various cuisines during my vacation to Texas. I was able to choose from a plethora of different places to eat while in Texas but between all the noise on various review sites and the sheer amount of cuisine it was difficult at times
Image of Austin Lights

Austin Skyline – Travel

AUSTIN SKYLINE Whenever I have a chance to visit a new city or place I have learned that 500px.com is a PERFECT tool to help do some preliminary recon (to learn more about my process please visit this BLOG HERE). Going on assignment to Texas to capture the big 4, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin
Image of NXS on Green Final for behind the scenes

NXS on Green – Tutorial

How I shot it: NXS on Green For this post I would like to share some steps on how I got this “NXS on Green” photograph. It wasn’t very difficult and in fact it was one of my easier shoots to date. I start a shoot by thinking about what color I would like to use
Image of Texas Flag inside the state

Headed to Texas – Travel

HEADED TO TEXAS Texas is BIG. It is second in size only to Alaska. There is going to be plenty to see and do in this sate starting with its people. The people pride themselves in independent thinking that is rooted in the state’s fierce battles. This forward way of thinking is unabashed and they do
Image of MT055CXPRO3-Thumb

Manfrotto Tripod Unbox

Manfrotto Tripod Unbox In this video I am going to do a simple Manfrotto Tripod Unbox. I have the Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 carbon fiber tripod and the Manfrotto MHXPRO-3WG three way pan/tilt geared tripod head. This MT055CXPRO3 is a ultra light weight carbon fiber tripod. It is more than ready to tackle the usages that I
Image of Wescott TD6 Unboxing

Wescott TD6 Unboxing

Wescott TD6 Unboxing In this video I am going to do a Wescott TD6 Unboxing. These lights are big, bright, soft and balanced. They stay cool on set and Westcott makes a few different styles of sotboxes that you can use to modify the light further. My primary use for these Wescott TD6 lights is
Image of Reno's Wild Horses (8)

Renos Wild Horses – Travel

RENOS WILD HORSES Using Reno, Nevada as a skiing base camp during the New Years holiday weekend gave me access to great restaurants, great night life, close by skiing at Mount Rose in Reno, NV or Incline Village in Tahoe, CA and a little hidden gem involving Renos wild horses. One of the things on
Image of Powerex Charger

Powerex Review

Powerex Reivew. Maha energy carries a line of charger and batteries that we use everyday. The charger can stay, batteries need to go. Read why.
Image of ts-453 pro

Qnap TS-453 Pro

Qnap TS-453 Pro – Storage and backup for Backflip Photo The Qnap TS-453 Pro is where Backflip Photo went when it was time to upgrade our storage. Weeding through all the names out there, Synology, Netgear, Western Digital and Buffalo just to name a few. We ultimately chose a platform that we felt was a good
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Image of Point Arena

Manchester Beach Trip – Travel

Manchester Beach Trip Over a long holiday weekend my wife and I visited the California coast. We went to Manchester Beach State Park and stayed in a cabin at the Manchester KOA. The grounds at the KOA were well kept and you can hear and see the ocean from our cabin. However, its sleeping accommodations
Image of ColorExampleOriginal

What is a Flash Gel – Tutorial

What is a Flash Gel Q. So what exactly is a flash gel? A.  A flash gel is anything that you put over your light source to change the color of your light from its native color to something else.      Q. Why would I want to use it? A. A flash gel will add color to
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Image of tuffy_box

Tuffy Box

TUFFY BOX   Our Tuffy box has become a highly essential piece of gear for Backflip Photo. We use it every single day. We store our gear and valuables in it and we are able to lock it up so that everything inside stays safe and secure. The box itself is bolted to the frame