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Luminous Review - Image of red Clik Elite Luminous Photography bag - Image 2

Clik Elite Luminous Review – First Look

The most amazingly built photography pack I have ever seen! Period! This Luminous photography bag is an all day, all pro, all star pack from Clik Elite. For this Luminous review video I break down the many features of the pack that make this one of the most exceptional packs I have ever seen. The
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Zion National is a must see

Zion National Park: Where Beauty Abounds It was a wet morning as my wife and departed our hotel. On the drive up to Zion National I kept thinking, jeez, I almost left my waterproof jacket at home. I live in CA, and for the past several years we haven’t had much rain. I was tempted
Image of Southwest Photo 9

The rugged beauty of the Southwest

Epic drives, beautiful colors and breathing room abound in the Southwest Driving the Southwest I don’t know if it is because it took me a long time to get from the baggage claim to the rental car counter and I just wanted some speed to get the day started, or because its just a stupid

Living Memorial Sculpture Garden

Living Memorial Sculpture Garden Just outside of Weed, CA there is a beautiful and poignant art installation that is meant to remind us of the emotions and sacrifice of war. This garden honors our soldiers using large iron works that illustrate the sentiment of the tremendously brave men and women, their families and our country’s reverence to
Image of MT055CXPRO3
Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 carbon fiber tripod review When I bought this Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 as a replacement to my aluminum one a year ago I bought it with the intention of getting more weight out of my hands. I travel a lot, I take my tripod almost everywhere I take my camera and even a few pounds makes a
Image of MHXPRO-3WG
Manfrotto tripod head falls short When I went shopping for some new camera stabilizing equipment I came across a Manfrotto tripod head. It was the MHXPRO-3WG geared head. What a geared head is supposed to do that other heads are not is allow tiny micro adjustments to your compositions. To move the angle of your
Photo Sport pack. Worth it? After a rough and rugged four day trip that took me through some of the nation’s most beautiful areas I now have an educated opinion regarding the Lowepro Photo Sport AW ii backpack. I saw some marvelous colorful rock at the famed Antelope Canyons in AZ. The orange and red
Panoramic Photo A panoramic photo can be a tremendously powerful image that can express how grand a subject is. At times it can be frustrating to create the image you want with the subject where you want it in the frame when your lens is not wide enough or you do not have enough room to back
Image of Photo Sport 200awii

Lowepro Photo Sport 300 AW II – Review

Lowepro Photo Sport 300 AW II This Photo Sport 300 AW II bag looks to solve a lot of problems for me. I needed to ditch my sling bag for longer trips or when I was going to carry more than 6 lbs of gear. I needed to have two shoulder straps (an absolute must). I would
image of sling pack

Sling Pack – Review

Sling Pack – Some situations they suck I love my Case Logic DCB-308 sling pack. It has been around for years and when used properly it really shines as a fantastic camera pack. It costs only $50 bucks on Amazon and if you are just starting out I would highly recommend it. I do have some reservations
Image of Hamilton Pools Dripping Springs TX 3

Hamilton Pool – Travel

  HAMILTON POOL If you happen to be caught up in the hustle and bustle of Austin, TX treat yourself to some unique scenery at the picturesque and tranquil Hamilton Pool. The short 45 minute drive from downtown Austin, TX will be well worth your trouble. There are more than 230 acres of preserve available to explore. Be sure to
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Lens Compression – Tutorial

LENS COMPRESSION If you have been exploring photography for any length of time then there is a good chance you have come across the term “Lens Compression”. What exactly does it mean? Does it affect my lens? Is it bad for my photos? Does it offer any creative twists to my photography? If you have had any of these