We are travelers. We are photographers. We share what we have learned. Gear review, locations, tutorials and tips to make you a more savvy and educated traveler and photographer. We even developed a line of flash gels for colored flash photography and teach you ways to incorporate them into your photos.

Imparting our knowledge on travel, architecture, product and landscape photography.

Flash is a tremendous tool in your photography. We go through techniques to use it to its fullest.

Using the same criteria as our photography gear review we rate products on quality, value, durability, innovation and performance.

We travel a lot and we have a few things to say to help other travelers get the most out of their journeys.

We give an honest to goodness review of the photography gear. We rate on quality, value, durability, innovation and performance.

Being a visual learner myself I focus on creating informative videos that will help enlighten you to new ideas and procedures to get professional results.


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We create high quality gear videos focusing on how to use them with a hands on demo of how to set them up and what you will be getting.

We got fed up with the traditional flash gels that required a whole mess of kits. Some flash units ship with flash adapter we just manufactured a line of gels to fit perfectly inside of them.


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