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Photography Vlog

Vlog 1 – Sunset in Vinearys

PHOTOGRAPHY VLOG 01 : SUNSET IN THE VINEYARDS   INAUGURAL PHOTOGRAPHY VLOG I have wanted to start a photography vlog for the longest time. I have taken inspiration from two very worthy photography vloggers. Thomas Heaton – http://thomasheaton.co.uk/ and Nick Page http://www.nickpagephotography.com/ They both have tremendously insightful vlogs that you can find on Youtube and I hope
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Clik Elite Rivalry

Clik Elite – Sibling Rivalry

Clik Elite Luminous Vs. Express 2.0   Acquaint yourself with Clik Elite If you are not familiar yet with the Clik Elite brand let me sum it up in a few words for you. Durable, attention to detail and quality are the words I would choose to describe this brand and what it brings to
Image of Clik Elite Express 2.0

Clik Elite Express 2.0 Review

EXPRESS 2.0 FIRST LOOK The Clik Elite Way To me the Clik Elite brand is three things. Durable. Detail oriented. Quality built. The Express 2.0 is nothing short of my high expectations of one of the absolute best pack manufacturers you can find. Clik Elite has a great line of outdoor ready packs. Packs that
Luminous Review - Image of red Clik Elite Luminous Photography bag - Image 2

Clik Elite Luminous Review – First Look

The most amazingly built photography pack I have ever seen! Period! This Luminous photography bag is an all day, all pro, all star pack from Clik Elite. For this Luminous review video I break down the many features of the pack that make this one of the most exceptional packs I have ever seen. The
Image of MT055CXPRO3
Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 carbon fiber tripod review When I bought this Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 as a replacement to my aluminum one a year ago I bought it with the intention of getting more weight out of my hands. I travel a lot, I take my tripod almost everywhere I take my camera and even a few pounds makes a
Image of MHXPRO-3WG
Manfrotto tripod head falls short When I went shopping for some new camera stabilizing equipment I came across a Manfrotto tripod head. It was the MHXPRO-3WG geared head. What a geared head is supposed to do that other heads are not is allow tiny micro adjustments to your compositions. To move the angle of your