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Photography Vlog

Vlog 1 – Sunset in Vinearys

PHOTOGRAPHY VLOG 01 : SUNSET IN THE VINEYARDS   INAUGURAL PHOTOGRAPHY VLOG I have wanted to start a photography vlog for the longest time. I have taken inspiration from two very worthy photography vloggers. Thomas Heaton – http://thomasheaton.co.uk/ and Nick Page http://www.nickpagephotography.com/ They both have tremendously insightful vlogs that you can find on Youtube and I hope
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Clik Elite Rivalry

Clik Elite – Sibling Rivalry

Clik Elite Luminous Vs. Express 2.0   Acquaint yourself with Clik Elite If you are not familiar yet with the Clik Elite brand let me sum it up in a few words for you. Durable, attention to detail and quality are the words I would choose to describe this brand and what it brings to
Cherry Blossom Festival - 4

Cherry Blossom Festival SF

Cherry Blossom Festival The Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco is a full on spectacle of color, showmanship and culture. San Francisco is home to one of the largest Japanese communities in the nation and the Cherry Blossom Festival is the largest celebration of its kind on the west coast. This year will be the
baby announcement 2

Baby announcement

BABY ANNOUNCEMENT I wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know I am still here. I have had the last month off due to the birth of my first child. Her name is Sienna Ray and this is her baby announcement. She was a tough labor on my wife and it was a
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image of google_flights_destinations

The best flight search

Google Flights Search Reigns Supreme   The Google Flights difference Searching on Google Flights engine just can’t be beat. You name it, Orbitz, Travelocity, Priceline, Kayak, Cheapflights, Expedia and the dozens more travel sites all have the same major flaw. The problem with traditional travel sites is that they are far too cluttered. When you
image of alltop logo

We’re Now Listed at Alltop.com

Alltop is blog and news aggregation gold Alltop is a unique conglomerate of data that is a one-stop shop for practically every informational need you could want.  If you want to see all the things going on in let’s say Home Automation, then all you need to do is click that topic. The next page you
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Image of Clik Elite Express 2.0

Clik Elite Express 2.0 Review

EXPRESS 2.0 FIRST LOOK The Clik Elite Way To me the Clik Elite brand is three things. Durable. Detail oriented. Quality built. The Express 2.0 is nothing short of my high expectations of one of the absolute best pack manufacturers you can find. Clik Elite has a great line of outdoor ready packs. Packs that
Image of Bonsai Rock

Bonsai Rock

Bonsai Rock – A Landscape Photographers Dream Subject Bonsai Rock Bonsai Rock is so aptly named because of the trees that are growing out of a crack that is in the rock. It is likely they are not bonsai trees at all but rather pine trees, like the large majority of the tree populous is

Valley of Fire State Park

Nevada’s Parched Plains : Valley of Fire State Park Valle de Fuego as they would say in Spanish is a state park about an hour outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The drive to the park is easy peasy. From the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, you hop on I-15 headed north. About 40 minutes later you
Luminous Review - Image of red Clik Elite Luminous Photography bag - Image 2

Clik Elite Luminous Review – First Look

The most amazingly built photography pack I have ever seen! Period! This Luminous photography bag is an all day, all pro, all star pack from Clik Elite. For this Luminous review video I break down the many features of the pack that make this one of the most exceptional packs I have ever seen. The
Image of Zion_National_Image_10

Zion National is a must see

Zion National Park: Where Beauty Abounds It was a wet morning as my wife and departed our hotel. On the drive up to Zion National I kept thinking, jeez, I almost left my waterproof jacket at home. I live in CA, and for the past several years we haven’t had much rain. I was tempted
Image of Southwest Photo 9

The rugged beauty of the Southwest

Epic drives, beautiful colors and breathing room abound in the Southwest Driving the Southwest I don’t know if it is because it took me a long time to get from the baggage claim to the rental car counter and I just wanted some speed to get the day started, or because its just a stupid